Pressure pumping has helped to expand US oil and natural gas production to historic levels. Hydraulic fracturing has become the largest segment of the pressure pumping market; accounting for roughly 3/4ths of oilfield market value. During the last 10 years, the oilfield market has experienced dramatical growth in pressure pumping due to new accessability of shale and other unconventional resources. Fracking is the critical technology that has helped to make production from these reservoirs economically viable. The fracking process is critical in stimulating production from unconventional sources.

fracking consultants

Fracking Consultants

Zephyr Oilfield provides world-class fracking consultants with capabilities that help our clients succeed. Consultants at Zephyr are experienced, industry leaders in every aspect of hydraulic fracturing; possessing operational knowledge and extensive experience in dealing with both conventional and unconventional pressure pumping operations. We are committed to implementing each operation with excellence and integrity to ensure our customers achieve their goals in a timely, cost effective manner.

Our Fracking consultant services increase access to reserves, improving ROI and asset value; through expert resource guidance. During the life of the well, fracking consultants ensure zonal isolation in the essential producing zones while protecting precious groundwater. We direct the cementing process to offer superior well integrity as attribute for critical asset and environmental protection.

We partner with our customers to help them achieve the optimal results on every fracking job. By listening to our customers’ requirements to understand their goals, we are able to design and implement an integrated pressure pumping solution safely, effectively, and on time. Zephyr provides technical fracking support and planning solutions for every projects tailored to the client's unique situation.