Very costly operational problems seem to be encountered during every phase of petroleum production. Zephyr Oilfield Consultants have extensive training and many years of experience in addressing and troubleshooting a variety problems.

Troubleshooting ConsultantsTroubleshooting Consultant

Our consultant are experts at troubleshooting and diagnosis of all forms of oilfield problems ranging from drilling, downhole and surface level issues. If you suspect that production is being lost because a well failed to produce as scheduled or because of a problem downhole, Zephyr Oilfield Consultants are here to assist.

  • Lost Production
  • Control of Flowing Wells
  • Freezing of Wells
  • Issues with Extraction
  • Mechanical Problems
  • Pipeline Leaks
  • Crooked Holes

Our solutions the logical place to start when you are experiencing an oil production issue, and can save your operation countless hours of missed production time.