No matter if you call it a donkey pumper, rocking horse or dinosaur; the pumping unit is a recognizable fixture in the oilfield. An oil pump jack is used to remove liquids such as oil from underground reserves. At Zephyr Oilfield Services, we sale precision engineered pumping units that deliver top level performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Zephyr Oilfield Services stocks pumping units in a large range of sizes to quickly meet the demands of our clients while saving them money on energy consumption. We also transport and repair pumping units as well as refurbish used pumping units for our customers.

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zephyr-pump-jacksPump Jack Capability

We offer a complete range of sizes of pumping units from 10,000 through 57,000 inch pounds of torque to meet the greatest demands required by deep production wells. Rigid quality control standards assure that each pump jack is built to provide many years of dependable service.

New engineered technology and innovations provide the pump jack dynamic structural imbalances. This offers considerable reduction in operation requirements and net torque curve.; making the modern pump jack more energy efficient than ever.

Pump Jack Selection

In selecting the number and size of units to perform required duties, consideration must be given to reliability, flexibility, and cost. Standard designs and identical hydraulic units are desirable from an engineering and maintenance standpoint. However, the units should be selected to match variations in head or capacity without causing excessive loss in efficiency and unusual wear problems.

The size of the machine will dictate the gallons per pump, and pulling pressure. Selection of a proper pumping unit should be firmly based on operational requirements and estimates made of rotational speed, pump dimesions, pump mass, efficiency, power requirements and submergence requirements.