Rods are an integral part of the artificial lift pump system used in the oilfield. The surface unit system transfers energy by rocking back and forth as the prime mover. It is connected to a series of sucker rods called the rod string that descend into the wellbore.

Suckers rods are terminated with metallic threaded ends, female one side and male on the other. This threading allows them the ability to connect with both surface and downhole components. When activated, these components work together in the same manner as the cylinder pistons of an engine.

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Rods and the Artificial Lift System

The result is an artificial lift system that brings oil from the reservoir to the surface. The artificial pump systems are capable of about 20 rpm a minute, and can be powered by gas engine or even electronically. Even wells with an initial natural flow, will require artificial lift at some point in the lifespan before the well has been depleted.

Sucker RodsSucker Rods

Most sucker rods are typically made from steel, but available in other metallics, epoxies and fiberglass as well. The choice of material and grade should be based on type of load and corrosive environment of the well. Sucker rods are made to extend between 25' and 30' and are available in diameters of 3/4", 7/8", 1", and 1 1/4".

Polished Rods

The polished rod represents the uppermost joint in the sucker rod string. It enables the artificial-lift system to maintain an efficient hydraulic seal with the reciprocating rod string. Polished rods are commonly made from alloy steel and feature a smooth surface that provides toughness, tensile strength, and a long performance lifespan. Polished rods are offered in a variety of lengths from 8' to 25' with diameter ranging from 1 1/8" to 1 1/2"

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