Zephyr Oilfield provides a full range of repair, maintenance, and calibration services to ensure that directional drilling and formation evaluation systems and components operate at their full capability, reliability and availability.

Oilfield Site Maintenance Services

Oilfield site maintenance services include preparing the site pre-production, maintaining the site during production and site beautification post-production. Performance each phase of tasks is done in order to maintain the lease site, its structures and surrounding areas. This includes ensuring the property is secured to prevent trespass of unauthorized personal and wildlife onto the site in order to prevent property loss and damage.

Pre-Production Site Maintenance

Pre-Production preparation includes clearing the site, leveling the terrain and general preparation of the lease-site for production. Other examples of pre-production site maintenance from Zephyr Oilfield services include building roads and structures as well as creating retaining walls around the site to prevent damage from a potential oil spill. Qualified personal are skilled in preparation, equipment placement, concrete work, piping design and fabrication.

Zephyr Oilfield will design, fabricate and install systems to fully meet your oilfield needs. Pre-production services include, but are not limited to:

  • Road and Bridge Construction
  • Land Preparation and Clearing
  • Deforestation
  • Levee Structures
  • Pad Site Construction
  • Fencing Construction
  • Mud and Water Pits
  • Right of Ways

Oilfield Site MaintenanceSite Maintenance During Production

We are prepared to handle all your site maintenance and repair needs during the production cycle. We provide all necessary resources you may need including trained personnel, heavy equipment, as well as site and facilities construction.

Our experienced employees will fix pipelines, compressors as well as other oilfield production equipment in use at well site locations. Other site maintenance activities focus on monitoring for leaks or spills, keeping grass down, and keeping the structures on the site in good repair.

Zephyr Oilfield will maintain and provide oversight of all equipment, such as injection and compression pumps, along with management and supervision of pipeline regulatory issues. With the quality of our people and our firm commitment to safety, efficiency and integrity we are continually setting new standards in site maintenance. We provide complete turn-key service including:

  • Install and Start-up Pumping Equipment
  • Engine and Pump Repair
  • Maintenance of Storage Tanks, Vessels and Piping
  • Right-of-way Maintenance
  • Road Maintenance and Repair
  • Pipeline Maintenance Services
  • Well Site Completion, Tie-Ins and Hook-Ups
  • Well Site Supervision
  • Well Site Maintenance
  • Compressor Installation, Maintenance and Repair
  • Blasting, Painting and Firewall Repair
  • Modification of Existing Facilities
  • Welding Service
  • Provide Equipment Including Tractors, Mowers and Bobcats
  • Comprehensive System and Equipment Troubleshooting

Post-Production Site Beautification

At the completion of production activities, Zephyr Oilfield offers a full range of services to decommission your site and return the area to its condition previous to operations. Oilfield infrastructure that has been constructed over your site is dismantled and removed.  We perform earthwork to help our partners reach their beautification and restoration goals. We have experience and earthwork abilities ranging from simple excavation to geomorphic shaping, berm and earthen channel construction.

Our services offer technical guidance for managing natural resources and planning site beautification projects. We evaluate critical jobsite elements such topography, climate, unexpected or adverse conditions, and post-usage constraints. This requires the ability to honestly communicate all applicable information in order to generate a successful and viable beautification project. Post-production Site Beautification Services may include:

  • Complete Decommissioning of Site Infrastructure
  • Removal of Production Facilities/Plants
  • Restoration of Wellsites
  • Removal Compressor Stations
  • Dissembly of Plowlines and Pipelines

In today’s world of environmental regulations, we provide site beautification solutions that are regulatory compliant, with strategy aimed towards cost-effective implementation. Utilizing our knowledge, industry contacts, and years in the field, we can provide a variety of turn-key solutions for a wide range of post-production site beautification and restoration projects.