Roustabout ServicesZephyr Oilfield Services provides comprehensive Roustabout Services with a single point of contact. Roustabout crews have extensive experience in the maintenance of all types of oil field and gas field equipment. Zephyr's dedicated professionals utilize full-rigged trucks, heavy duty, providing advanced equipment and tools necessary to complete any oilfield project.

Roustabout Employee Training and Knowledge

All of Zephyr's roustabout employees complete rigorous training to give them the knowledge to safely manage field operations for customers. We provide employees an extended safety training program with a strong emphasis on quality. Our employees are trained to handle hazardous materials, and safely operate heavy equipment.

Roustabout Services

Zephyr Oilfield Roustabout crews will provide safe, seamless execution of turnkey projects pertaining to construction, repairs and maintenance. We are experts at repairing, modifying, and maintaining oil and gas production equipment, including:

  • Heavy Equipment Operations
  • Crane & Gin Truck Services
  • Backhoe Services
  • Dirt Excavation and Dump Truck Supply
  • Pit and Environmental Barrier Excavation
  • Environmental Cleanups
  • Pipeline Installation
  • Repair Damaged Pipeline
  • Meter Run Install
  • Injection Wells
  • Retro-fit & Maintenance
  • Line/Parts Replacement
  • Integrity Maintenance
  • Work-Over Rig Support
  • Pumping Unit Erection
  • Equipment Placement
  • Build Battery Sites
  • Demolish Battery Sites
  • Install and Remove Flow Line
  • Dehydration Unit Install
  • New Well Hookups
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Site Preparation and Remediation
  • Total Site Reclamation
  • General Oil Field Maintenance
  • Production Unit/Tank Replacement
  • Production Tank Setup
  • Pumping Unit Installation
  • Tank Battery Construction
  • Tank Installations and Clean Outs
  • Separator Installation and Repair
  • Fire Tube Repair
  • Treater Installation
  • Steamer Services
  • Field Welders
  • Sandblasting, Mowing, Snow Removal
  • Pipe Storage
  • Road Sweeping
  • Spread Gravel
  • Power Washing Service
  • Industrial Weed Spraying
  • Permanent and Temporary Fencing


Choose the Zephyr Roustabout Team

From new installation projects to maintenance of existing equipment, our technicians provide the utmost in quality and professional service to ensure your project happens on time, on budget and in an environmentally responsible manner. No matter what your field service needs may be, our Roustabout team has the experience and expertise to ensure professional planning, execution and monitoring.